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Event Distribution

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State Conventions and Conferences through June (excluding online only)

  • 23 of 34 successes (67.6%)
2021 Iowa Radical Caucus Table 20210417 131448.jpg


Maine State Convention

05 December 2020
Location: Old Town
URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/libertarian-party-of-maine-2020-convention-tickets-129806156709
Status: Unsuccessful; we didn't know about this until two and a half months later.


Arizona State Convention

23 January 2021
Location: Aunt Chiladas Restaurant
URL: None?
Plan: Tyler and Kim need brochures
Participants: Tyler Smith, Kim Ruff
Principle Participant:
Status: Concluded


Mississippi State Convention

20 February 2021
Location: Tunica
URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/libertarian-party-of-mississippi-2021convention-tickets-136006897291
Status: We didn't know about this one until the day before. Unsuccessful.

Tennessee State Convention

21 February 2021
Location: State Farm Expo Center in Lebanon
URL: None?
Participants: Tyler Smith
Principle Participant: Tyler Smith
Outcome: Went well, lots of buttons given out. With everything going on with MC and AC lots of "what do y'all need in TN/IL, TX?" 9 states were present in that hall and damn near every person had a RC button on save for like a dozen MC. They left about halfway through though for some reason. We need to get more I Prefer Anarchy buttons.

District of Columbia

27 February 2021
Location: Online
URL: https://www.dclibertarians.org/events


Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4

Kentucky State Convention

06-07 March 2021
Location: Paroquet Springs Convention Center in Shepardsville (Near Louisville)
URL: https://lpky.org/event/2021-lpky-state-convention-2021-03-06/
Plan: Hurriedly send stuff to Don at the 11th hour
Participants: Don Stacy
Principle Participant: Don Stacy
Outcome: Photos taken; buttons a hit

Georgia State Convention

12-13 March 2021
Location: Academy Theatre in Hapeville
URL: https://lpgeorgia.com/event/2021-lp-georgia-state-convention-2021-03-12/
Participants: Tyler Smith
Outcome: Photo taken; positive dialogue with Prags, who lent us table space

Alabama State Convention

19-21 March 2021
Location: East Huntsville
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/735102513791289/
Participants: Richard Fast?
Principle Participant:
Status: Materials Sent
Outcome: The buttons were a phenomenal success at the Alabama convention. I had multiple people tell me they wanted to take all the buttons home with them.

New Hampshire State Convention

19 March 2021
Location: Holiday Inn Concord
URL: https://lpnh.org/event/2021-lpnh-annual-convention-2021-03-19/
Principle Contact: Darryl Perry
Status: Materials Sent

New Jersey State Convention

19-20 March 2021
Location: Hightstown and "Facebook Live"
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/438706867213061/
Participants: Jay Edgar
Status: Materials Sent

South Dakota State Convention

20 March 2021
Location: Sioux Falls
Status: unsuccessful

Indiana State Convention

26-28 March 2021
Location: Forum Event Center in Fishers
URL: https://lpin.org/event/2021-lpin-state-convention-2021-03-26
Participants: Dan Lewis? Tyler Smith
Principle Participant:

New Mexico State Convention

27 March 2021
Location: UNM Law Library
URL: https://lpnm.us/2021-annual-convention/
Plan: Create online/electronic materials or send to our website
Participants: N/A
Principle Participant:
Status: Sent link to 2019 platform flyer; ran out of time to create a new one

Oklahoma State Convention

27-28 March 2021
Location: Moore (near Oklahoma City)
URL: None?
Plan: NO TABLE; try to put on delegate tables or seating
Participants: AJ Jewell, Frank Robinson
Status: Buttons, brochures, and flyers delivered to Frank


Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4
Weekend 5

Need to ship to:

  • Dan Lewis (event starts on 16th)
  • ALASKA (event starts on 17th) (Unsuccessful)
  • Eads (event starts on 17th) -- has buttons
  • Rob or Tiffany (event starts on 23rd) -- Sent; should arrive on 20th
  • Bowen (event starts on 24th)

New York City Convention

06 April 2021
Location: Lower East Side of NYC and on Facebook
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/240495887748050/
Plan: Sent buttons and brochures; 25mm buttons already there
Participants: Brianna Coyle
Outcome: The buttons were a hit! It seems no one took the flyers but I think half or more than half of the buttons are gone. A lot of people were wearing them throughout.

Utah State Convention

10 April 2021
Location: Comfort Suites in Ogden
URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-utah-libertarian-party-convention-registration-138680925381
Participants: Tyler Smith
Status: Unsuccessful due to medical situation

Iowa State Convention

16 April 2021
Location: Cedar Rapids
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/500868650895172/
Plan: Table and speaking to the convention
Participants: Dan Lewis
Outcome: Really enjoyed tabling for the caucus, people seemed to enjoy the variety of buttons. Also had literature and flyers given out

Alaska State Convention

17 April 2021
Location: Wasilla
URL: http://alaskalp.org/goldrush.html
Participants: NEEDED
Outcome: Unsuccessful

Maryland State Convention

17 April 2021

Location: Bavarian Brauhaus in Hanover
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/293569885443769/
Plan: Table!
Participants: Paul Eads and Susan Hogarth?
Status: Locally made buttons

West Virginia Annual Meeting

17 April 2021
Location: Bridgeport
URL: https://lpwv.org/event/2021-lpwv-annual-meeting-2021-04-17/
Participants: Tyler Smith
Status: Unsuccessful

Washington State Convention

23-25 April 2021
Location: Whiskey Gulch Coffee Pub in Port Orchard and on the Internet
URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/golden-anniversary-lpwa-2021-convention-tickets-143825250195
Participants: Tiffany Dias De Leon, Rob Stratton
Outcome: We dominated the shared events table.

Wisconsin State Convention

23-25 April 2021
Location: The Lismore in Eau Claire
URL: https://lpwi.org/event/lpwi-2021-convention-2021-04-24/
Participants: John Phillips
Outcome: It was a good convention; had lots of radical support there

Missouri State Convention

24 April 2021
Location: Columbia
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/163196505407212
Participants: Tyler Smith and Bowen Chapel
Status: Success


Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4
Weekend 5
Date Pending

Need to ship to:

  • Pat Ford
  • Chapel/Lang/Lund (event starts on 1st)
  • Joe Pro (event starts on 8th)
  • Dehn/Anna/Jon (event starts on 14th)
  • Steve Scheetz (event starts on 14th; needs year-round supply)
  • OREGON (event starts on 15th) 8(
  • Marc/Michael En Route (event starts on 21st)
  • Tony Mangnall Handover from Dan Lewis (event starts on 22rd)

Kansas State Convention

01 May 2021
Location: Bluemount Hotel in Manhattan
URL: https://lpks.org/event/2021-lpks-state-convention-2021-05-01
Plan: Table and possibly a hospitality suite
Participants: Bowen Chapel, Cullene Lang, Eric Lund
Outcome: Radical caucus hosted the first ever hospitality suite at a Kansas convention; was very popular. Willing to host one again at future LPKS conventions. Set up the table early so got the best spot - first table for people to see as they got off the elevators and as they left the convention floor. Buttons and stickers were popular. "Abolish the ..." were the most popular and all the 'taxation is left' stickers are gone. I also made an extra 12 buttons that said "Good ideas don't require force." They were all taken. Not many tri-fold pamphlets were taken however. Great improvement in the Kansas platform. It used to say "We support legalization of medicinal cannabis under a doctor’s supervision. We also support the legalization and regulation of cannabis for personal use for adults of legal age." Now it reads, "We believe the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ is a war on innocent people. We call for an end to the prohibition of any drug." Also, I was elected Secretary of the LPKS. Best attended LPKS convention with around 75 total attending with 60 being delegates. Hope that becomes the new baseline for future LPKS conventions.

Nevada State Convention

01 May 2021
URL: https://www.lpnevada.org/2021_state_convention
Participants: Tyler Smith
Outcome: Unsuccessful

Minnesota State Convention

08 May 2021
Location: Cabria Suites in Maple Grove
URL: https://www.lpmn.org/2021-lpmn-state-convention/
Plan: Table; need buttons and other materials; printing banner
Principle Participant: Joe Proveaux
Outcome: Re:brochures, I think maybe 1-2 dozen went out. Lpmn took the rest on the table, asked if they could hand them out everywhere. [...] I would say all the buttons were popular, except for the Assange, "re-legalize" and the LPRC buttons. I have the LPRC buttons. All the buttons left the table

California State Convention

14-16 May 2021
Location: Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center
URL: https://ca.lp.org/convention/
Plan: Table with the works
Participants: Joe Dehn, Anna Mosaschvili, Jon Magnal, and Tyler Smith
Outcome: Successful; awaiting after-action report

Pennsylvania State Convention

14-16 May 2021
Location: Pittsburgh
URL: https://lppa.org/event/2021-lp-pennsylvania-state-convention-2021-05-14
Participants: Sasha Cohen, Brianna Coyle, Pat Ford, Steve Scheetz, Tyler Smith
Outcome: Successful; awaiting after-action report

Arkansas State Convention

15 May 2021
Location: Comfort Inn Presidential in Little Rock
URL: https://lpar.org/event/2021-big-liberty-little-rock-2021-05-15/
Participants: Oh crap
Status: Did not know about until four days before. Unsuccessful.

Oregon State Convention

15 May 2021
Location: Gorge Pavilion in the Port of Cascade Locks
URL: https://lporegon.org/2021-convention/
Participants: NEEDED
Principle Participant: NEEDED
Status: Unsuccessful

Colorado State Convention

21-23 May 2021
Location: Denver West Marriott in Golden
URL: https://lpcolorado.org/2021/01/23/2021-call-to-convention/
Plan: Table
Participants: Marc Montoni and Michael Stapleton
Status: Materials arrived on time; state convention reversed a mistake from last time

North Dakota State Convention

22 May
Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/362732078323090/
Participants: Tony Mangnall
Outcome: In-person materials handover unsuccessful

Rhode Island State Convention

Late May
Location: Internet
Plan: N/A
Participants: Pat Ford
Status: Online only


Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4

Need to ship to:

  • Restocking?

Delaware State Convention

04-05 June 2021
Location: Felton
URL: https://www.lpdelaware.org/2021/04/2021-lpd-convention-weekend.html
Plan: materials and a speaker organized
Participants: Susan Hogarth

LNC Meeting

05-06 June 2021
Outcome: Brochures made available

Florida State Convention

11-13 June 2021
Location: Springhill Suites in Lakeland
URL: https://lpf.org/lpf-convention-2021/
Participants: Tyler Smith and Drew Kennedy
Principle Participant: NEEDED
Outcome: 4 interested in SCC, about a dozen signups ranging from free to monthly donor, had conversations with Justin Amash and Jo Jorgensen about radical messaging and how the RC is the baseline for libertarianism,

Wyoming State Convention and Libertarian Frontier Summit

13-14 March 2021 (Convention) Snowed out
12-13 March 2021 (Summit) Snowed out
11-12? June 2021 (Convention)
11-12 June 2021 (Summit)
URL: None?
Participants: Tyler Smith? Sasha Cohen?
Notes: The Prags are hitting the Libertarian Frontier Summit pretty heavily
Outcome: Our plans disintegrated on this one

North Carolina State Convention

18-20 June 2021
Location: Greensboro Shrine Club
URL: https://www.lpnc.org/2021_lpnc_convention
Plan: Table
Participants: Susan Hogarth and Tyler Smith
Outcome: Success


21-27 June 2021
Location: Roger's Campground in Lancaster
URL: https://porcfest.com/
Participants: NEEDED
Outcome: Could not find anyone

Michigan State Convention

1-2 May 2021 Rescheduling
26-27 June 2021
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1137726006744126/
Participants: Unknown
Outcome: So, I know that someone had some materials of ours

Chicago Pride

27 June 2021
Location: Chicago
Plan: Dan Lewis with brochures and locally made outreach buttons possibly Freedom To Be You buttons


Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4
Weekend 5

Need to ship to/for:


Liberty Rally

05 July 2021
Location: Boston
URL: ?
Participants: Tyler Smith None
Status: Not happening

Mississippi Mid Summer Rally

09-11 July 2019
Location: Horseshoe Tunica at Tunica Resorts
URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/breaking-boundaries-for-liberty-tickets-154315071533
Participants: NONE
Status: Missed table deadline

Freedom Fest

21-24 July 2021
Location: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and Elks Theater in Rapid City
URL: https://www.freedomfest.com/
Notes: Mises Caucus may have a major presence
Plan: Brochures and outreach buttons at the state party table
Participants: Drew Kennedy and Devin Saxon


This Event Is Cancelled Burner

14-15 August 2021
Location: Higginbotham Ledge Rock Quarry in Kansas near Eskridge
URL: https://burnertickets.com/teic-2021
Outcome: Unable to attend

Ohio State Conference

20 - 21 August 2021
Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Columbus – Worthington in Columbus
URL: https://lpo.org/event/2021-libertarian-party-of-ohio-conference/
Plan: Table!
Participants: Nathan Weise and Andy Kennedy
Status: Self inserted into area of operation expecting airdrop of supplies. Had to scramble on ground for materials. No buttons.

LP50 Celebration

27 - 28 August 2021
Location: A secret location in Colorado
Participants: Susan Hogarth

Burning Man

29 August - 06 September 2021 CANCELLED
Location: Black Rock City in Nevada
URL: https://burningman.org/
Status: Event Cancelled


Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4
Weekend 5

LNC Shitshow

03-05 September 2021
Location: '
Plan: Bring some stuff to quietly put out somewhere

Montana State Convention

17-18 September 2021
Location: Kalispell
URL: None?
Participants: Tyler Smith?

Perspectives on Freedom

18-19 September 2021
Location: Bald Birds Brewing Company in Jersey Shore PA
URL: lizterwilligerforcongress.org/index.php/2021/06/05/perspectives-on-freedom
Plan: Bring stuff; no table?
Participants: Brianna Coyle

LP Region 6 Training

18-19 September 2021
Location: Des Moines in IA
URL: https://www.lp.org/lp-regional-training-region-6/
Plan: Bring buttons
Participants: Andrew Kennedy and Eric Lund
Status: Buttons are a success, especially Abolish OSHA

LP Region 7 Training

25 September 2021
Location: Hilton Garden Inn in Shreveport LA
URL: https://my.lp.org/event/region-7-affiliate-and-campaign-training-2021-09-25/
Plan: Bring buttons and brochures
Participants: Andrew Kennedy?

Go to [[]] for October and up, as that's when the 2022 convention cycle begins with Illinois

Information Pending



Key People

Tyler Smith

  • Attended: AZ TN
  • Plans to Attend:
This weekend: GA
Next: 70/30 on IN and/or NM
April: MO, WV, and some others that aren't conventions but local events
May: CA and PA
June: MI, NC, and others TBD
July: MA for Liberty Rally (name may change)
August-October: IL, various affiliate/activist events in 5 states.
November: SC
December: traveling throughout AZ.
  • Inventory: Some buttons, 600ish brochures

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