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Abolish CIA Proof R802 800px.png
Central Intelligence Agency

Created in 18 Sept 1947 (officially), January 1946 (as the NIA)
And a major problem since January 1946

The Central Intelligence agency was officially established to prevent another Pearl Harbor, a task it has at best failed to do on multiple occasions, and at worst may be a primary perpetrator of at least m any such events. ...Not that Pearl Harbor was an actual surprise at certain levels of the US government in 1941.

What Is This?

Why Does This Exist?

What Has It Done?

This is probably going to mostly be a list of its sins, isn't it.

Note that in proper Soviet-style fashion, many of its sins overlap with the FBI.

  • Warrantless searches
  • Domestic spying
  • Overthrowing popular, elected governments and replacing them with tyranny
  • Corrupting Movies and Television
  • Suborning news media
  • Murder
  • Drug running
  • Propaganda
  • Mind control projects, such as MK-ULTRA
  • Overthrowing US presidents

This list is known to be incomplete

In the merely wasteful column, the CIA was a patron of the arts during the Cold War, promoting the most abstract artwork that was the most antithetical to the approved Communist Party schools of art. Still, it did show better taste than the National Endowment for the Arts or the Civil Works Administration.

What's Wrong With It?

What goes here aside from 'see above'?

It's consistently unable to predict things that it wasn't responsible for causing. Sometimes it's unable to predict things it caused because it needs deniability, too.

How Do We Get Rid Of It?

The US Congress is the branch of the US government that would need to act to outright abolish the CIA.

Q: What are the limits of the US president to perform a California remodeling job on the CIA without the cooperation of Congress, with the desired result of a completely different (and presumably far smaller) organization with the same name but hopefully none of the corrupt organizational culture at the end of the process?

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