Climate Change

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It is not the purpose of this page to take a position on whether the Earth is warming, cooling, neither, or what the possible causes are.

Every permutation should be listed here; take the ones you don't buy as alternate reality hypotheticals. How do we address each situation without reaching for the busted Deus Ex Machina of the state, and what might we improve by simply getting governments out of the way?

Remember to point out that if enough people care about an expensive project, it's crowdfundable, especially if large enough businesses can justify it as part of their marketing or public relations budgets.

If we stuck all of these into a booklet or paper, what might we call it? Solving Undesired Climate Change Scenarios Without Governments?

Earth is Warming and We Didn't Do It

If increased Solar emissions are warming us up, what might we do about it?

  • Controllable station at Earth-Sol L1? Technical challenge: how to prevent it from sailing outward from Sol? It would need to be pretty big to significantly attenuated
  • There is a Solar-occluding orbit akin to geostationary. We need its name. This is probably more practical than Earth-Sol L1 given how much closer it is. The hard part of these proposals is determining who to entrust with the responsibility and how to keep it out of the wrong hands. Good enough models might be IETF and W3C.

Note that at least some of these ideas can be applied to the next case:

Earth is Warming and It's Our Fault

This is the official narrative and the one we probably should spend the most time dealing with. Ignore all the reasons to believe why this is nothing but a convenient fabrication: if it were real, how could we fix it without governments?

Earth is Cooling and We Didn't Do It

If decreased Solar emissions are threatening to cool us down, what might we do about it?

Earth is Cooling and It's Our Fault

We've been putting out too many particulates? What can we do?

Earth would be Warming If It Weren't for Us

What might cause this scenario? Particulates? Can anyone find anyone saying this to refer to?

Earth would be Cooling If It Weren't for Us

Uncontrolled emissions lining up by pure chance to offset something isn't dependable, and coal is awfully messy. What might we do differently, and by what non-governmental means?