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The Deep State (no known official name)

Created in Before 1961
And a major problem since Before 1961
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The Deep State, also known by various other terms such as the Military-Industrial Complex or The Swamp, is a term applied to a number of completely unaccountable entities that function in many ways as the de facto state that governs the United States.

What Is This?

Remember the Illuminati? This is different and more damaging.

Why Does This Exist?

While it's quite possible and arguable that this is an intentional and deliberately created state of affairs, similar problem entities have come into existence throughout history. What exists in the US has come about in a very time-consuming ad-hoc fashion, and it is not completely monolithic in plans and sins -- such as the Obama-era situation where different groups fighting each other are backed by different factions of the Deep State with mutually exclusive objectives in the region.

What Has It Done?

It's almost a case of what in the past half century it hasn't done. Such a list would be dominated by things on the early side of that span of time.

What's Wrong With It?

How Do We Get Rid Of It?

This needs a plan. Possibly a plan designed by people far enough away from power that they won't be assassinated as soon as the more violence-prone actors in the Deep State become aware of such plans. Once you're elected, it's too late to put something together with any semblance of safety. Just ask Donald Trump, captive of the Swamp who needed an actual set of principles as well as a plan.

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