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Department of Education

Created in 17 October 1979
And a major problem since Probably not lot afterward

The Department of Education is, in the words of Harry Browne, an entity that spends billions on education and educates no one.

What Is This?

Like the Department of Homeland Security, this is in some ways a meta-bureaucracy. It's even worse in at least one respect however: it exists for the benefit of a private organization: a teacher's union, the National Education Association, which is all about the system instead of its students.

Why Does This Exist?

As pointed out in this Reason article, the entire department was created in an attempt by Jimmy Carter to increase his chances for re-election. This failed, but we're still stuck with this thing.

What Has It Done?

What's Wrong With It?

How Do We Get Rid Of It?

There is actually proposed legislation to eliminate it. This would be good to find ways to get it enacted over the wishes of the NEA. See

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