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Libertarian Vanguard was the publication of the 1979-1984 Radical Caucus during its original print run. Right now the state of this project is to get set up to resume publication as our publication.

It was a serious work of journalism, roughly a combination of and Independent Political Report. Events and libertarian movement activities in other countries were frequently covered in addition to pieces that promoted the Libertarian Party and pieces that covered internal party politics.

What We Need

  • A branding standard. DONE
  • Purchase of a minimum of probably two ITC Avant Garde fonts, assuming that the typeface is going to once again be part of the branding Tex Gyre Adventor may suffice for now
  • Writers and articles, especially on a scope that's bigger than just the party or the United States. During its original print run, Libertarian Vanguard was an outreach publication. It would be very desirable to resume it in this role.
  • Uploaded PDFs of all known and scanned surviving issues. It's at least 27 in total. WAITING ON SCAN ORDER BY LP HISTORICAL PRESERVATION COMMITTEE
  • Candidate branding -- likely using the Avant Garde typeface as seen for much of the previous print run before changing to a completely forgettable Times Roman or similar masthead. DONE
  • Authority to print -- the original publication and the entire caucus fell apart in 1984 shortly after Raimondo and others were censured for going to press without having the board sign off on the issue. We need to ensure that this is not going to be a danger going forward. Pretty much worked out
  • Correspondents -- Places where Liberty is either advancing or struggling where nearly every major event would be relevant here -- such as the Phillipines, Chile, Cuba, Republic of China, et c.
  • Software decisions -- Scribus 1.4x (stable), Scribus 1.5 (more features, not compatible with 1.4), other? Wordpress for the site and Scribus 1.4 for the PDF/print edition
  • Permission to integrate historical articles into the website