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Hot Items

Things that would need to be done soon and will have a short shelf life. Updates may be in order after the first such article.

  • Post-Castro Cuba
  • Hong Kong
  • The CCP Faces the Most Passive Aggressive Uprising Ever
  • Ontario Protests and an Out of Control Reaction by the State.
  • California's Platform
  • Misbehavior from Both Elements of the Mises Caucus and those Overreacting to It

One-Shot Articles/Podcasts

  • FBI*
  • CIA*
  • CPS*
  • Solitary Confinement *
  • Re-Legalize it all -- summary of Cannabis sativa legalization efforts and contrast with other drugs*
  • LP conventions 202X (will need updates)
  • DHS*
  • The State versus Medicine*
  • Lockdown Mania
  • Bubbles and Bailouts*
  • How Not to do Roads*
  • Politicization: The Secret Sauce (how to create division by politicizing issues that shouldn't be politicized)*
  • Food Unsafety (by government action)*
  • Permission to Pollute (how government gives polluters a green light and protection they wouldn't otherwise have)*
  • Diesel Therapy Survival Guide *
  • FEMA Camp Survival Guide *
  • School Resource Officers/School to Prison pipeline*
  • Foster Care to Human Trafficking Pipeline*
  • Hong Kong
  • The Nolan Chart's Evil Twin *
  • Minimum Wage: Perpetuating the Perpetration *
  • Marxist-Leninist Origins of BLM *
  • Marxist-Leninist Origins of CRT *
  • Don't Nerf NOTA "
  • The Organlegging Capital of the World * (it's somewhere in mainland China)
  • Cozy Futurism is a solution, not a problem. We can write a plan that's less tax and government friendly than but should probably link to it as a reference.*

* May have a shelf life. We need several with this feature to hold in reserve.

Possible Recurring Beats

  • Drug War
  • Assange/Snowden
  • Afghanistan
  • Chinese Communist Party
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • EU
  • 2022 Presidential Race
  • Candidates -- especially local offices
  • Stupid/Offensive Government Spending Items
  • National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service
  • FDA/CDC/Medical Regulation/Insurance
  • Overseas US Military actions
  • Old Federal Statutes that Never Should have Existed and we want to get sunsetted, like the Logan Act and the Neutrality Act

Meta Concepts

Reviewed historical LV content usually fit one of these:

  • This Government Thing is Terrible
  • This Government Thing has Pros and Cons and has the Wrong Mindset
  • A Status Update on a Government Thing
  • People are Rising Up Against a Government or Government Thing
  • The Government is Lying to Us about Something
  • This Touted Thing is a Sick Farce
  • The Radical Caucus did This Thing
  • We Like or Have Problems With This LP Candidate
  • Stuff About This Past Election

Confirmed Recurring

  • Brickbats
  • Bouquets
  • Book Reviews
  • History