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Information by state or state equivalent. Note that residents of Samoa do not get citizenship automatically and have to be elsewhere in the US to apply for it, and US Citizens are required to have a passport to visit it, which could complicate setting up a party presence there.

Obvious information to include:

  • State Party -- Tell us about the state party as a whole.
  • Name of State Committee -- What is the state party committee called in this state, how is it organized, and what might we conceivably want to know about it? This could get lengthy.
  • Ballot Access -- What is it like to get and maintain ballot access in this state? Who can and can't we get on the ballot? What does it take to put a candidate on the ballot? How stable is ballot access?
  • Political Action Committees -- what Libertarian PACs operate in this state?
  • Nomination Process -- How are our candidates nominated in this state?
  • Political Filing -- Who in the state must you register with to oppose the state, how often, using what forms, and so on?
  • Political Notices -- what are mandatory notices on materials and the rules for compliance? Where are signs not permitted?
  • Rival Political Parties -- other parties that are organized in the state. These might have or theoretically pursue ballot access, or may be sources of people to work with or against us.
  • Other Entities -- organizations and non-party PACs that are significant parts of the political landscape that the party interacts with

Please add to this list as more useful types of information are determined. Note that this is not a firm template, just a list of suggestions/requests.

For bonus points, add relevant parts of this information to the state party's article on LPedia.

For the time being how about Category:Information By State as a category for these pages?

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