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Its intent is to be a list of needed articles on a specific topic.
It does not need to be particularly tidy, is by definition not meant
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If it should enter the realm of being a content article, please remove this tag --
But only if it has actual content.

You can help this wiki by clicking on any red link on this page
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a complete or even tidy article -- others can and will use your
contribution -- even a messy and incomplete one -- as a starting point.

Thank you.

Needed pages, categories, namespaces, extensions, and so on.

  • Current and Former Caucus Members -- members since 2016 should be straightforward; prior members who never registered and aren't on any of our Facebook groups will be more work and will probably never be complete. This might work better if a database extension can be located.
  • Proposed Extensions -- what might we need extensions for and which extensions might serve the purpose? How hard are they to install? What happens if we're depending on them and they break?