Replacing the State

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Things We Can Create Immediately

  • Safety Certifications
    • Food
    • Drugs
    • Appliances -- UL is in place; just need competition for it
  • Defense
    • Crowdsource militia to help pay for big ticket items?
    • Literally hold a bake sale to buy close air support craft?

Things That will be Hard to Regain Control Of

  • Resolution of Crimes (without a governtment-run court system, prosecutors)
    • Resolution of crimes without surviving victims

Safety Net Organizations

These already largely exist, but we could use moer of them as well as help bolster ones that already exist.

Maybe put a nice long list here that maybe should be spun off into its own article. Maybe separate known libertarian-focused charities from others that may merely be recommended.


  • Murray Rothbard (need book titles)