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  • War on Drugs -- much of this is done at a state level
  • Medical Choice -- many of the rackets that make medicine expensive and murderously rigid are done at a state level.
  • Rent Control -- this is usually inflicted at a state or local level
  • Homelessness -- many of the programs that make homelessness harder to avoid are done at a state or local level
  • Gun Rights -- many infringements are at a state and local level, and federal infringements should be nullified
  • Nullification -- we need to get back into the habit of doing this all over the place. People who feel disenfranchised by the 2020 presidential election may be extra-receptive to this right now.
  • Sex Work -- perhaps most of what affects this is state and local level.
  • Washington Monument Syndrome -- police departments do this all the time
  • Police -- stop the knee-jerk efforts to entrench the police after 2020
  • Property Taxes -- very destructive and all too often confiscatory in the most literal senses of these terms