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Dissent is a proposed (and now implemented and possibly ready to present) wiki for collaborative work on Radical Caucus efforts, tactics, strategies, materials, and anything else that's hard to do in a chat, forum, or voice setting.


How do we present this to the rest of the board of the Radical Caucus?


The reason for not mentioning this earlier was to avoid it seeming like a wishful thinking item by presenting something already in a reasonably formed and usable state.

Option: Wait Until the Meeting

This was the original plan, but it's arguable that progress has reached the point where it's ready to show earlier to give the board time to look it over, possible participate, and then make decisions at the meeting without being blindsided.

Option: After the LNC Meeting

Caryn Ann Harlos may have some ideas for the exact timing, especially if we believe that it's ready to present.

Option: As Soon as It Has 100 Articles

This is article #95...

Rollout Presentation

Aside from bugging people for emails and passwords and hope that they actually log in, what can we show them visually in the board group.

Which questions in need of a decision should we present up front, and how do we explain the importance of each option?


What pages should we make screenshots of if we do this?


What might we do for a video? Still images and a voiceover? Who is up to speed on a currently installed video editing software? Who would do the voiceover? What is our script?


Dissent is hosted on James Gholston's DreamHost account and uses MySQL for a database engine. James Gholston will need help keeping Dissent regularly backed up.

Information Failsafes

The society secretary (currently Angela Gross) has the wiki's account and database account information to log into these things, as well as the password for the failsafe sysop account (Sysop), whose email is